1005 Rear Webster Avenue

Steampunk in Scranton

I've given this cozy old house lots of love, and now it's ready to offer it for rent to you.

Newly remodelled, it's a century-old, stone walled, two-story, three bedroom home: clean, cozy and comfortable. The remodel included a freshly tiled bathroom, new or refinished floors in every room, new kitchen and washroom cabinets and countertops. There is a small front yard and a large shared back yard with a firepit and space for a picnic table. Two bedrooms are large, and one is rather tiny, I call it the bassinette room for a baby cradle to go in, but it can also serve as an office, or a small bedroom for someone who doesn't need a lot of space. There is a gorgeous new shiny armoire in there for your clothes. The largest bedroom also has a small sheltered deck with a stairway down to the back yard, in case you need to get out of the house while still out of the rain.

Appliances Etc.: I made sure to get excellent, newer appliances which include: a large stainless steel fridge with double doors above and a giant freezer drawer below; a nice Maytag gas stove; a Whirlpool side-loader washer and dryer set. Heat is old school but efficient with a natural gas powered steam boiler and steam radiators in most rooms.

Love: The steam hissing and sounds are inevitable in this home, since that's the way we heat it. So we have said, Let's say Yes! to the steampunk aesthetic. This house has a definite personality: It talks!

I'm a plumber, so I made a sweet handrail for the stairs from steel pipe and fittings: it will grow on you! There are pipes running everywhere floor to ceiling downstairs, and old style efficient steam radiators everywhere too! There are even some giant pipe ends sticking up outside the building I've painted a decorative Smurf blue, to smile at when you go by. Of course it's a very old school type of building. The stone walls are two feet thick! Old is good, when people have lived in a place for so long, it has to be very liveable.

A Bonus: On snow days you can see South Scranton roofs all melting the snow away, because of no insulation in the attics: but I just crawled around and packed in a whole foot of insulation covering the entire attic of this building. Plus some attention to the air leakage into walls and into the attic, the place feels substantially warmer already, and retains the heat more, which will save you money on your winter gas bills.

Sleeping with the windows open in the summer, you wake up to church bells ringing; the nearby creek can be heard rushing by at night, and the breezes make the trees rustle so you feel like you are sleeping in the tree tops. I've spent many nights in these rooms, and it's very special.

This home is perfect for a small family; the local elementary school is right there at the end of our alley, less than a block away.

Off street parking is available for one to three cars, in the second lot over, toward the elementary school.

Some furniture is available: kitchen table and diner-style seating and chairs, a twin bed and a nice armoire in the "bassinette room" (the small bedroom upstairs); you can use these or we can put them away in the basement.

Please no guns, no smoking, no pets (well, we can charge $50/month pet rent if you require it).

To move in, we need a completed application, then after checking credit and references, your move-in costs include a month's rent, security deposit, and the last month's rent, plus a signed lease and electricity account moved into your name.

See the video taken during a later phase of construction here .

We are extra tenant friendly: you can add a child, boyfriend, >5-day visitor, etc. more than three, for $250/month per additional (i.e., extra tenant's rent is 75% off). We will also allow a pet with a $500 pet deposit and $50/month rent for each cat or dog. No woodchucks!

To encourage community the back yard has a picnic table space, and a fire pit for hanging out is planned for spring, and the grass is recovering well from the recent excavation project. We hope you will love living here.

Please call text or email to set up a time to visit for a look and to fill out the rental application. We will run your a credit check for $20, due with the signed application, and will reject your application if your MyRental.com score is below 600, so please keep up on your credit.

And if you are still reading this,
Thank you!